Britannia Nutri Choice 5 Grain Digestive Biscuits- A Review.

These days I’ve resorted to healthy and wholesome eating. My focus isn’t on just losing those extra piled up pounds,but an actual daily detox for my system. Detox as in:

  • Trying to source organic supplies as much as possible
  • Trying to stick to a food time schedule 
  • Trying to avoid as much oil as I can or any fats for the matter of fact.
  • Trying to replace vegetable oil with olive oil.
  • Trying to eat smaller portions.

Well,things have been so good so far. My Achilles heel usually is the mindless snacking. It just absolutely feels so necessary.. With aisles full of alternatives,I’ve decided to give Britannia’s ” NUTRICHOICE” range a go. I,do love the ” Yoga bars” too,but that’s another story eh.. 

The “NUTRICHOICE” range showcases multigrain biscuits,digestive biscuits,healthy cookies,etc… Life is filled with paradoxes and oxymorons. My favourite paradox is” healthy cookies”. For me cookies are sinners.. They are big,bad and beautiful..They are beautiful sinners. One bite and they have you in their grip. “They are delicious but they are bad,so… Very bad for you.” * imagine me telling this with a deep French intonation* 😏

But on the contrary, Britannia’s playing cupid with our obsession with cookies and is dishing out some amazing packs of it.. And this 5 grain Digestive biscuit aka cookie is the spot on solution for your midnight or mid meal cravings.

Power packed with 5 grains, it’s just an indulgence which you wouldn’t be guilty of. Here’s what goes into that cookie:

  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Ragi( millets)
  • Wheat
  • Rice 
  • A dash of honey

Quite a powerful punch isn’t it? Yes, this is the generation of healthy cookies. Where, cookies are no longer sinners, cookies are angels. These have ” zero cholesterol and zero trans fat content ” 😱. I mean… You really have to be that good eh?? The high fibre content just makes it more appealing.

These keep you filled and honestly curb your hunger pangs. They taste healthy and it’s that kinda healthy which you are gonna feel proud about. The first cookie is gonna take a little getting used to and the second cookie will get you munching, the third cookie is gonna be enjoyable and guess what by the fourth you are gonna be filled. It’s that instant. 👍🏻

The cookies are a nice,brown oval chunk. They smell honey-ish. The first taste is that of rolled oats and honey. The cookie is sweet,but not overwhelming kinda sweet. It’s a coarse fibre-y kinda taste too.

   Your tea times are gonna be face lifted and you will not need those flimsy biscuits anymore. With a subtotal of 160 calories for 2 biscuits,it can be a little heavy on your calorie counter,but will definitely beat that serving of French fries.

I,personally love these adorable chunks. They fill me up,satiate my sweet craving,keep me from reaching those crispy wafers and chips and most of all.. They leave me guilt free. Priced at a meagre Rs.25 for 6 cookies,nothing can get better. 

If you would rather order them online, I’d suggest you try out these well trusted and apt on delivery time sites. 

Aloha! Healthy and clean eating isn’t boring anymore.. 💃🏻

Loadsa love and toodles!!


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