Byli-  Kalyan Nagar,Bangalore. A restaurant review.

My Sunday’s are usually a warm bundle of hugs. I super adore them,I wait the whole week for them. Being a hardcore foodie,Sunday’s for me are especially earmarked for exploring food. Sunday’s for me are a theatrical food play, Sunday’s for me are an affordable transcending to places while being glued onto my chair.

This Sunday I decided to veer somewhere close home for lunch. Kalyan Nagar seemed like a decent recourse from the dramatic choked streets of Koramangla and Brigades.

Had this place called ” Byli- Bet You Love It” on my list and thought what better a time than today.

The place is a small yet boasts of a smart planned layout. Warm and earthy tones prevail in the decor and has a sense of privacy and a complimenting snugly relaxed atmosphere. Humour runs through the walls in form of little canvasses with quirky quotes.

The thing with chocolate Browns and earthy tones is that if played fallaciously to give a cosy feel,can end up giving you a sense of that dreaded claustrophobia. BYLI scores points for not overdoing the tones and maintaining a great harmony.

The waiting staff are impeccable and well groomed with smiles. Our maitrê d was extremely pleasant to interact with.

The manager Mr. Prabhu came up and inquired about how well the meal was and if we faced any disappointments. Half of your meal is satisfactory if the staff knows how to value it’s customers. To be honest, even a good meal coupled with bad service can refrain you from visiting again. I, personally have had a few cases of bad management and great food.. Guess what?? i, never went back again..So, for me… Hospitality is as much important as my grub.

I was stupendously happy with the fare that was served to me. Every plate of food that heralded itself to my table had 3 things in it:

  1. Clear presentation
  2. Vivid colours and aroma
  3. Spot on taste

When your meal has these 3 requisites,assure yourself that nothing can go wrong.

Our menu for the day:

  • Starter: Mozzarella in carozza
  • Main course: Miss thing burger, Pasta Nepolitana, Lamb Lasagna and Margharita Pizza

We were pretty stoked with the main course so skipped the desserts.

  • Mozzarella In Carrozza (Rs.125/-) : Can I possibly do justice to this? An extremely delicious pesto and mozzarella enveloped within the slices of a farmers bread and fried.

    The golden blushed Color of the in carrozza just makes you want to devour it. The In carrozza is served with 2 dips.

  Salsa huaicana ( a cheesy sauce)

Apple mint dip.

One’s a salsa huaicana and another one is a minted Apple dip. The cheesy huaicana I loved,but the minty dip reminded every bit of “samosey wala bhaiya” ( street side samosa vendor). I could have sworn that it was the green chutney 😱.

The starter worked great and the huggable In Carozzas made us look forward for the main course.

  • Main course:

Miss Thing burger(Rs.155/-) : The sole reason why we ordered this was because of the celebutante status honoured to the burger. When a burger has that “thing” going on.. You sooo need to check it out.

When the missy did arrive, it was love at first sight. She looked slick, came with some mayo,crisps and salad crunchies on the side.

And once you laid your hands on her,she was just wildly delicious. The fat chicken patties grilled and filled with a certain kinda smokiness went well with the sliced pimentos,lettuce and cheese. It was a messy but ambrosial affair.

  • Lamb Lasagna(Rs. 280/-) : When 2 good looking people come together,their company compliments each other so much you can’t help but think that they are the ” Most happening couple” around. No,no… I’m not talking about me and my guy😁 I’m talking about the fusion of bechamal sauce and ripe bolognese sauce with delicious lamb mince in between the thin sheets.  The fusion is such a subtle one, that you just can’t seem to stop at one bite. The warm sauce laden sheets melt in your mouth to give you the most awesomest lasagna experience.

Isn’t that something?

 A little closer here.

  • Pasta Nepolitana (Rs. 175/-) : Nepolitana recipe calls for rich and ripe tomatoes to constitute its base. Byli did just that the sauce was a heavy,rich, lightly flavoured,grainy and lip puckering one. Got mine with penne. The sauce seeped through the ridged penne and gave you a nice mouthful. The light whiff of oregano and herbs hoisted the crimson plate of penne.  Served with a well buttered portion of garlic bread.

 Allow me to make you salivate.

  • Pizza Margharita ( Rs. 250/-) :  A lot of places serve pizza,it’s more common than idli and dosa in Bangalore. Quite an irony eh? Why must you have it here? The base.. Oh the base.. Such a treat. The warm and not so crunchy base was just an unerring example of a pizza. They are loaded with generous amounts of cheese,tomatoes and basil. the toppings just fell in place. What could’ve I asked for more?

 My journey ended here, but it’s one i will be embarking on soon..

Byli is famous for its breakfast specials and is also a total hangout kind of a place. The place scores extremely high on the VFM ( value for money) bar. It equates it’s pricing as that of a cafe,but clearly delivers much more than that. Has a maintained a pre-eminence because of the finesse it’s putting into its management and fare.

I’m a fan and I love it.. Accept my invitation and im gonna have to say ” BET YOU LOVE IT!!”


4.5/5 Stars.


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