My Secret Garam Masala Powder.. An updated version.

What do you think,when you think of an Indian Kitchen? The warm and heavenly aroma of wavering spices or maybe an ambrosial whiff of a noisy cuisine? Whatever images juxtapose on your subconscious imagery,let me tell you that.. Every image in that reverie has a deep and warm secret.The secret of every great Indian dish is the Garam Masala that goes along with it.

Garam masala is of every variation that you can find.As you go on moving across India geographically,you can find the garam masala changing to suit the cuisine of the state.Garam masala is that authentic blend of spices,which in perfect harmony must release a taste and aroma not overpowering the dish,but enhancing it.My secret Garam Masala is an equal blend of all spices,handed down by my mum. I by the way have made made a few minor additions to my Secret Garam Masala.Please make sure the proportions of the ingredients are maintained as given below.After all garam masala is all about creating a good balance. Also make sure your ingredients are fresh and organic. I can assure you of one thing.. It makes a HUGEEEEE amount of difference. Fresh and high quality ingredients? My Dear, you have just got yourself in the best position ever to make this Garam Masala.

i can vouch that,after this Garam Masala.. You are going to terminate your instinct of picking up that Garam Masala powder packet in the supermarket.


1 bay leaf

1 Tsp Cubeb or tailed pepper or Java pepper

1 Tbsp  cumin seeds

1 Tbsp  green cardamom

2  black cardamom

1 Tbsp cloves

2 inch cinnamon stick

1 Tsp fennel seeds

1/4 Tsp mace

1/4 Tsp nutmeg


1)Dry roast all the ingredients separately.Extremely essential that each ingredient is roasted individually,hence minimizing the chances of unequal roasting.Time taken to dry roast cubeb is different from that of cumin seeds.

2)After dry roasting the ingredients separately,cool them down.Many recipes call for removing the cardamom skins,but my recipe exclusively calls for retaining them.

3)In a dry grinder,grind all ingredients together.Make sure that your garam masala is not all that finely ground like the garam masala in a pack from the supermarket. Keep it nice and coarse,just like the image insert below.

4)Store the garam masala in airtight containers.


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