Organic Harvest- Neem Face wash Review

Has the ” Paraben free” bug caught you yet? And if it hasn’t.. Trust me it’s the most uber cool thing to contract. My tryst with chemical laden face washes has been a quite successful one by the way. I’ve been dousing myself with generous amounts of methyl paraben,SLES and SLS 👍🏻 which has transmogrified my facial epidermis from looking like the sweet 16’s to the bitter 26’s..

I’m not complaining of the agonising effects of parabens on my skin,because I’m worth it😒… All the pretty ads can’t be wrong eh?? When you’re fed everyday with a dose of glamour and novelty,you start being hypnotised with what’s given to you. Big brands,pretty faces,being in trend are just a few things why you choose what you choose.

Realisation struck me down pretty hard this time round,and I decided that I’m going to venture into a territory of calmness,serenity and eco friendliness..Detoxing my bathroom shelves off the absurd unnecessary chemicals I’m gonna take what “Mommy Nature’s” offering me. And, my eyes fell on ” ORGANIC HARVEST”.

The name chimed in with the environmentalist within me. Grabbed a tube with feral instincts,to free myself from the chemical bondage. Guess what?? It’s BSE,Paraben,mineral oil,PABA and animal ingredient free. I’m like ” Yo honey!! You gotta be in my kitty. Whatcha doing on that shelf there?”

Like they say,some people just give out so much positivity that you just can’t help but like them. Organic Harvest is one of them.

Priced at Rs. 295/- for 100 ml, I feel it’s a total deal. My skin before organic harvest had become a dried up autumn leaf. Pretty dry,coarse and just anything but soft.My skin anyhow, is normal skin. I’ve never…thank God..ever had to battle pimples or combat flakiness. My skin was always a good girl. The problem creeped in after years and years of chemicals abuse.But,post the usage of this face wash.. My skin is just how a normal skin is supposed to be. It’s not super soft,but isn’t stripped either. It’s gradually coming to a neat balance.

The product contains neem,which is FYI one the miracle trees on earth. It’s got antiviral,anti microbial,anti fungal and antibacterial properties. They claim it’s a mild face wash for your skin(which it is) and that they manufacture the product using earth-friendly practices.

Key ingredients: Aqua, Tamarind Seeds extract and ECOCERT certified sorbitan olivate, in cream base.

So, when a product is ECOCERT certified you can bet that it’s an organic one. So, I’m gonna give a kick in the teeth to all those SLS,PARABENS AND SLES products and give this a clearance certificate.

All you need is a fat pea sized drop and your done. The product is a translucent light green liquid. It isn’t too runny or thick,kinda on the consistency of a soufflé. Doesn’t lather much,but definitely does its job well enough.

Your face isn’t squeaky and stripped clean rather it’s clean and soft. You do feel a good amount of moisture left behind even after a good wash.

You can easily find this in a lot of hypermarkets. You could also order this online. A few sites which sell are:

I,absolutely adored the product and I’m already on the second tube. It works good for a month and is worth every penny you invest.

Say Au revoir to dry,patchy skin.

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