Kho-cha rose green tea review.

Nothing really equals the smooth nirvana of a nice hot cuppa tea. An early morning rise or a late night gossip, nothing is complete without that little brew, which eagerly awaits you at the kitchen counter or the teapoy.

Imagine finding the most perfect cup of tea and being elated with pure joy at every sip. I, for one have yet to find that perfect cup. My travels through the supermarket aisles, brings me across quite an astonishing variety of teas. The earl greys, green teas, oolongs,black teas, flavoured tea,etc… You probably get the idea.

So, here I am.. Drafting my first post dedicated to a ” tea review”.

  The reason I decided to give kho-cha a try is because it’s a Darjeeling tea bureau product. I am a total sucker for green teas and a one that lists rose as one of its blend ingredients is my must have. This one claimed to have a blend of rose petals. To make things a notch more irresistible, this came on an offer  a buy one get one. 😱

Alas, I am but a respectable lady and anything that declares itself as a buy one get one or 50% off product, has to be mine. Off I went and grabbed it without giving much thought. I got these at a throwaway price of Rs.285/- for both. That’s Rs.145/- each👍🏻

The sales executive suggested that this tea had added benefits of giving you a nice and clear complexion. A plus anyways to the numerous benefits of green tea.

The packaging is quite decent. Made from recycled paper, it’s has a rural touch to it.  A certain desi charm. The green tea comes in a small pet bottle,adding more of the rural finesse to it.

The imagery is quite a pleasure to see. Green tea leaves curled and packed next to each other with little rose petals peeping from beneath,scores points for me. Just this makes me wanna get the teapot whistling right away.

Here’s how the liquor looked after a 3 minute brew.

The liquor was a pale light green liquid with just faint tones of the rose petals. What made this stand apart was the lightness of the brew. The tea was anything but heavy on your palate. Felt like your drinking a nice warm cup of fresh water. No heaviness or a feeling of that deep tannin after taste.

The blend didn’t work wonders for me,because I was looking for some strong undertones of rose. This blend just stumbled with the rosy-ness, rather it felt like delicious clear green tea.

I had to add a strand of saffron to compliment the clear taste and it turned out wonderful.

I give it a thumbs up for the clarity and a palate cleanser kind of a taste. Sadly, it doesn’t amuse me much when it’s claiming to impart a certain rose flavour to the brew.


  • Costs Rs.285/- for 100 gms. I got it at buy one get one offer.
  • Eco- friendly packaging if you are gonna excuse the pet bottle.
  • Saves you the hassle of finding tins or containers to put the tea in.
  • Very clear and light taste
  • Behaves like a palate cleanser too.
  • It can be used to build up other flavours.A neutral taste is what this tea promises. I use this tea as a base for masala chai. 


  • Not a rose tea for sure. Extremely faint undertones of rose.
  • Doesn’t come with freshness seals.

Hmmm.. Yes, that’s pretty much all that there is. I’m giving it a generous 3 star.

You could source this from their website or most probably try to find a kho-cha tea boutique near you. I found my tea at “Golden tips”,Phoenix market city,whitefield, Bangalore.

Just In case you would wanna know how I made the brew. Here’s the rocket science recipe.

  1. 150mls of warm water.
  2. 1 tsp of loose leaves
  3. 1 tsp of honey
  4. A strand of saffron


  1. I usually boil my water and cool the water to 75 degrees. How do I know that? I do the finger dip test. Dip your pinky finger and if it’s hot but bearable, you have the perfect temperature.
  2. I add the teaspoon of leaves and just let them uncurl and wait for 3 minutes roughly.
  3. Strain it through. Add a teaspoon of honey and add a saffron strand for a spot on taste.
  4. If I’m in an adventurous mood I build up more flavours like cinnamon, lime,black pepper,etc.

Now Go ahead and get kho cha ing..

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